investingIt must be the age. Lately I have been thinking so much about saving for my future. I am not getting any younger, and quite frankly I don’t see myself becoming a millionaire anytime soon, especially with my measly salary.

But nonetheless, the desire to save up for my retirement fund is growing everyday. So I started to research on easy-to-do-and-understand investment/financing stuff so that once I have the money to do the initial investment, I can easily decide. Informed choice if you will.

And so after so many days googling on the stock market, mutual funds, VUFs and the like, I finally took the plunge and got for myself a UITF, or a Unit Investment Trust Fund.

I have yet to claim my first certificate of participation through BDO, my UITF provider, since my initial investment is already eligible. For the next few months and years I will have to invest more on this fund so that hopefully, by retirement age, I will be financially comfortable.

There are many resources around the interwebs where you can research on the benefits of investing for the future, and what channels are best for your needs. One thing is for sure, the best time to invest is NOW.

Speaking of investing, I really should invest on regularly updating this blog! Hopefully the high I’m getting from this initial investment will roll over to my blogging. Fingers crossed.­čśŤ

Just my Luck

The day started out pretty badly. The venue of the convention I attended to was so far from where I live, I had to travel 2 hours to the city, and walk at least 300 meters from the MRT to the hotel. Conference participants didn’t care if their mobile phones rang loudly or how they answered just as loud and disturbed the whole plenary session. Add to that my lack of comprehension of scientific and clinical terms on TB. I’m a development communications graduate, not a nurse and definitely not a doctor.

But as fate would have it, the day ended weirdly, as I won the grand prize of P20,000 for the raffle that was drawn at the end of the conference. How ironic can it get? I was complaining the whole time, and yet I won the prize in the conference I “hated”.

My father (bless his soul) used to be very lucky in raffles, coming home from abroad with a television and a stereo system he won. Guess luck is in the genes?

Still I’m very thankful. Extra money to pay for important obligations could not have come at a more perfect time. I’d still have to share my small blessings with my colleagues, friends and family. A simple lunch or dinner is surprisingly enough to satisfy everyone. More bang for the buck, I guess,

Have a great weekend everyone!

Puerto Princesa!

I am very excited. This will be our first local trip for the year and we will be in Puerto Princesa, Palawan over the long weekend. We have managed to snag cheap tickets and I have been working my ass off for the arrangements like hotels and the tours, especially that of the underground rivee and Honda Bay Island hopping. Today I will be researching for places to eat!

I really do hope that the weather will cooperate. Fingers crossed!

The Crazies

Wow. Last week was undoubtedly the weirdest we’ve experienced so far. I don’t know if it’s the moon, the food, something in the water that affected some brain functions of some of my colleagues. ┬áPeople went cray cray!

I was actually expecting this week to be crazier, but somehow things subsided.

We’ll see.


Sorry guys. This is a busy week. Planning session for our project for the next 3 years.

For those who don’t know yet, I work as a Project Supervisor for a TB (tuberculosis) Project in the Philippines. As you may not know, TB is one of the leading causes of death in our country, particularly affecting poor, disadvantaged people and communities, although the disease itself can affect anyone. This project is very important for our country.

Have a great week everyone! Will be back soon.