It’s made from real papayas!!!

I’ve always wondered about the skin whitening effects of the papaya. I remember back in college when I was really dark from ROTC, classmates would urge (read: beg) me to use the now famous Likas Papaya so that I’d get lighter (take note, not “whiter” as the ads would say, as only a miracle would make brown-skinned filipinos, white.)

Unfortunately though, back in the old days buying papaya soap is way below my list of priorities. Imagine having 100 pesos as baon for one week? How can I even think of buying papaya soap? That’s tough man.

But anyway, so most of us would ask ourselves (with “us” i mean people “blessed” to be non-mestizos) “Does the papaya soap really work?” or more likely “Is it really made from real papayas?”

I assure you that one product is, and that is “Eskinol Facial Wash Papaya”.

How did I make this amazing discovery? That’s for you to find out.

And hey, it’s kinda sweet too. Soapy, yet sweet.

Hmmmm… now what will I have for dessert?


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