Sneaky, sneaky…

Ano ba talaga FVR?

Interesting news today: Messrs. Ramos, Drilon and Sotto met clandestinely, drank wine, plotted… I mean talked some more, and then refused to divulge to the doubting public the topic of said meeting. What a way to start the year of the dog.

You know that there’s something fishy going on when these clowns are involved: Franklin Drilon – turn-coat & political butterfly, Vicente Sotto III – corny comic & rabid Estrada follower and Fidel Valdez Ramos – GMA saviour (?).

I’m really confused with FVR. There’s something about that face and his actions that tell you: “I want to be President in perpetuity.”

Mrs. Arroyo should be afraid, very afraid. With a friend like FVR she doesn’t need enemies.

Please Mr. Ramos, do your country a big favor, you served the country well during your time, just retire and be done with it!

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