Exodus. What a waste of money. Is it me or the movie is just lame? I know, I know I am no film critic and thus I have no right to lambast este criticize movies, but for crying out loud! I wasted 2 hours and 105 pesos for this?

Okay, composure. It is, first and foremost, a commercial film that is part of a very commercial film festival. So why should I expect more from this movie lead by non other than a senator of this 3rd world crap of a country?

Nothing. I should have expected nothing. But GMA 7 has done a better job with their tele-fantasyas. This movie is supposed to be big budgetted, but they still managed to come up with crap. Fantasy crap.

I tried googling for images to accompany this post but apparently there is none. Buti pa ang google walang pakelam kay Exodus. Hindi nasasayang ang oras nila.

Please Senator Revilla, just concentrate on doing legislative work. Even in the senate you are doing a sh***y job so please spare us and allow us to spend our 100 pesos for a more worthy movie.

Oh and Direk Erik Matti, what happened to you?

Sayang ang pera talaga.


Addendum: Surprise surprise!!! Or not. The movie has an official website and from there I got the image I posted from their wallpaper downloads page. Pretty decent site, methinks. Can’t say the same ’bout the movie though.


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