Missed List, My Version

My friend Bong posted a nice entry on the things he missed and misses. I made my own list while trying my best not to waste my whole day posting another long entry.

So this will be short, no further explanations.

The “things” I missed last 2005:

  1. Regine Velasquez’s “Reflections” Concert Series at the Aliw
  2. Batman Returns, King Kong, StarWars 3, Cinemalaya Entries, other Cinemanila Entries (got to watch only one).
  3. Christmas party with my PLM classmates.
  4. Summer outing with my friends or family.
  5. Sinulog. Went to Cebu a week after the event. No chance to visit this year.
  6. The opportunity to save more.

Now what I miss…

  1. My inisa-isa friends. Nakakamiss rin pala ang mga gaga.
  2. Co-facilitating team-building seminars lead by Bong.
  3. Our old house in Tondo.
  4. My father.
  5. Being the boss.
  6. My better half. *kilig* (Yes everyday I miss him)

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