Optimized for Firefox?

I love my free wordpress account. Although, syempre bitin pa rin when it comes to the availability of themes. I like the one I’m using now because it fits my page title quite nicely, calm… full moon… starry sky.

One thing I noticed, though, is that this theme looks perfectly well using Firefox, my preferred browser. But when I use Intercrap Explorer, the buttons for the home, about, and my blogger archives gets whacked and floats above the title description. Kinda irritating if you ask me.

Are the wordpress.com themes optimized for Firefox?


2 thoughts on “Optimized for Firefox?

  1. Di ba? I mean I wish internet users would start switching to Firefox kaya lang I know that most of them still use IE. I had to change the blurb of the site tuloy just so the buttons will not float over it. Firefox is better talaga.

    Hey thanks for adding me to your links ha?

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