Today’s News… and my views

This week is very interesting. So join me as we take a look at what’s been happening to our country today and I will let you know what I think about it, not that my opinion matters but it’s all for fun, really.

News# 1: Army knew of escape plan (c/o

IT’S A CASE of being forewarned but not being forearmed, if the military is to be believed.

Four Army junior officers who took part in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny pulled off their escape from a high-security detention center in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City on Tuesday night although the Army officials supposedly knew of their plan.

Captain Nathaniel Rabonza and 1st Lieutenants Lawrence San Juan, Sonny Sarmiento and Patricio Bumindang Jr. escaped several hours after they attended a hearing at a Makati Regional Trial Court.

Exactly how the four escaped remained a mystery. At 8 a.m. yesterday, 11 hours after the discovery of the escape, Army chief Lieutenant General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. told reporters the military had known about the plan to break loose and had tried to preempt it.


Pre-empt it my foot! Talk about intelligence gathering, and these are the very same men who are supposed to protect us? Please, Gen. Esperon, you should be ashamed. In fact you should be under investigation for this stupidity. The 4 escapees must be laughing their assess off.

News # 2: Manny may win by KO – Roach (c/o Manila Bulletin)

LAS VEGAS — If Manny Pacquiao dots the Is and crosses the Ts, trainer Freddie Roach said there’s no way Erik “El Terrible” Morales will victimize the Filipino southpaw for the second time on Saturday night at the Thomas and Mack Center.

“If we fight correctly, then we can even score a knockout,” Roach told mediamen on Tuesday afternoon at the IBA Boxing Gym on Euclid Street. “We are ready to go 12 hard rounds.”

Roach said they’ve both come up with a strategy that would lessen the chance of Pacquiao and Morales clashing their heads like what happened last year when a hideous cut was opened on Pacquiao’s eyebrow due to an accidental headbutt in the fifth round.


Hmmmm… okay. Yes, of course I want Manny to win. Heck he should win! But please Manny, stay away from the music industry. You are not sintunado, in fairness, but your voice is far from pleasurable. Just stick to what you do best, and good luck!!! We are very proud of you.

News # 3 Cell phone probe underway in mall (c/o

THE management of the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan has begun investigating a report that two television reporters who lost their cell phones to thieves found the units on sale in stalls inside the shopping area early this week.

“We are conducting our investigation on whether or not to hold the two stall owners liable,” General Manager Joey Santos told the Inquirer yesterday.

He said the decision of whether or not to blacklist the stall owners would be known “within the week.”

Santos said they would determine if the two stall owners “complied with the listed precautionary measures” to determine whether or not the cell phones they were selling had been stolen.

ABC-5 employee Theresa Andrada lost her company-issued XDA-II phone early Saturday morning, only to find it displayed in a stall owned by Abdulmalik Basher in the shopping center hours later. Basher later returned the allegedly stolen phone to the person who had traded it in, and then sold Andrada another phone at a much lower price.

But after checking the serial number, the phone turned out to be the same one stolen earlier from a fellow reporter, Jason Torres.


Well this is old news with malls, stores and tiangge around the metro re-selling stolen cellphones to unsuspecting customers. Not really unsuspecting, as I am sure they are very much aware that those “2nd-hand” phones can very well be stolen. But what’s with these reporters losing their phones and finding them in Greenhills?

Kakainggit ha, ABC-5 issues XDA-II phones to their reporters? Where can I apply for the job? They need new and credible reporters who are not burara with their things.


That’s it for now. It’s a pain to be opinionated sometimes. 🙂


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