Blogging schmogging

When I started blogging about 2 years ago, I never bothered coming up with content that’s relevant to my readers. I didn’t even think people read my blog! And so my entries from the first few months were really mindless ramblings of purely personal stuff. And I had fun.

But I admit I am not the best writer out there. I actually cringed when I read these first few entries from my old blog. What was I thinking? And what’s with that other entry? What happened to me and I had to post this?

Funny how different you think and write after a few months. I still post mindless ramblings but now I’m starting to feel the pressure of coming up with relevant, mind-blowing-booger-out-of-your-nose-tears-streaming-from-your-eyes kind of an entry that I end up re-posting entries from other sources, quoting other blogs, scanning other blogs to come up with similar entries and getting carpal tunnel syndrome in the process.

JCD has posted about the pressure of getting readers to even notice his blog (partly my fault), but eventually he gave up and decided that he will write for his own satisfaction, create a sanctuary for his thoughts, and have fun.

Yes I’m quoting another blog for my ideas but he is actually right. At the end of the day, blogging is still a very personal endeavor and personal satisfaction is all that matters.

So, the hell with rankings, the hell with other bloggers who do not even thank me for my reactions to their blogs, the hell with expecting a linkback because you selflessly linked them, the hell with grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement…

Oh. I still have to watch out for that I guess, unless I want the grammar police of the blogosphere to come knocking at my door.

Ay the hell with that also. Eh di magtatagalog ako. Belat!


2 thoughts on “Blogging schmogging

  1. Jher — I agree with JCD — blogging is a very personal experience — so who cares if anyone can relate to what you write? I think bloggers should write for themselves. You cease to have relevance once you go commercial and cater to what your readers want. I think that would work for those who make a living off of their writing. Personally, I blog for my own selfish reasons — I want to converse with the rest of the blogsphere (like you, my new friend), but I want to do it in my own way and on my own terms. In being yourself, you will see how you can eventually influence or inspire others. Ayan tuloy, ginanahan akong mag-ebanghelyo dito. Keep it up, Jher. I’ll be back to visit!

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