Shut Up!

During the impeachment trial of Pres. Estrada and beyond, one irritating character stood out from the rest of the loonies inside Congress, and that’s Digs Dilangalen. At one point during a joint congressional hearing, where he was lengthely interpellating Sen. Pangilinan, someone from the gallery passed him a note and asked him to just shut up because he is wasting taxpayer’s money.


Now, Digs is gone from the limelight but an equally annoying character is emerging: Francis Escudero. I am just sick and tired of the blabbering of this guy. To ruin the moment with his reaction/rejection on the wish of Pacman for peace and unity is just irritating.

Utang na loob Chiz Escudero, pagpahingahin nyo naman kami sa kunsumisyon. Wala bang karapatang magsaya ang bayan kahit sandali lang?

And some girls are going a-gaga over this guy? Ugh.
Just shut up please!


2 thoughts on “Shut Up!

  1. hi jher! i don’t like francis escudero, too!! i think he’s too young to be trapo, but he sure is on the way to becoming one! I’m new to your blog. got your link from pinay new yorker. 🙂

  2. Hey tintin thanks for visiting the blog. Glad to hear from someone not mesmerized by him. I don’t hear any news naman of what he’s doing for the country. Puro daldal lang.

    Thanks again for visiting!

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