Avenue Q

The Cast

Hohum. I’m very sleepy today. I went home very late last night after a “forgettable” activity with JCD (how do you selectively erase bad memories anyway?), but I have to be early for work today. So I only got about 5 hours of sleep (hey that’s too short for my standards).

So, boss is out and I’m done with project proposal requirements. This was the perfect time for me to look for the soundtrack of Avenue Q which JCD asked me to download.

I’ve never heard of Avenue Q before (I know, I know I’m culture-challenged), so when I started listening to the songs it brought back memories of Sesame Street. However, the show touches on topics such as sex, homosexuality and racism, so this musical is certainly not for kids.

As mentioned by Entertaiment Weekly: To call it a ”puppet show” does it a disservice. ”’Sesame Street’ for grown-ups” isn’t right either. There’s no handy way to describe ”Avenue Q,” except as the furriest, and one of the funniest, shows you’re likely ever to see.

Hay, now I wish I was in Broadway so I can watch this!

Just visit the website for further info.



2 thoughts on “Avenue Q

  1. Oh gosh I’ve heard so much about this. And then a really brief preview of the show was shown on the last Tony awards I think. I’m really intrigued by this play!

  2. hey, babe! Thanks for downloading the songs. I love them! Ipon tayo para makapunta sa broadway to watch. (cue theme song of “Wish Ko Lang”)…I ruv you too….

    Hey, toni! I posted a comment on your blog… :o)

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