Life passes us by so quickly that we sometimes forget to express our appreciation to the little things that make our existence more meaningful. So I am starting this day with a Thank you list…

I would like to thank… (ala alok-bati of Lolit solis)
1. JCD for the gift of love, honesty and understanding. And the wonderful weekend we just had.
2. Mama for taking care of me as if I’m still his little boy. And for all the tsismis.
3. My bro Jason for helping me, and for the funny hirits.
4. Nephew Jericho for singing an Air Supply song despite the fact that he’s just five
5. Niece Patricia for being so sweet.
6. Bro Jermaine for being a good husband and father.
7. My father for giving me his “responsableng anak” gene. Heheheh
8. Sun Cellular for the unlimited call and text kunsumisyon service. Beats getting a landline in far flung Imus.
9. Coffee for keeping me awake today. Have to watch out for my hyperacidity though.
10. My mp3 player for keeping me company when I travel alone.
11. WordPress for the blogger import feature.
12. New blog friends, toni, ajay and pinay new yorker. And for keeping their blogs updated and fresh. Oooo friends na daw kami. LOL.
13. Manny Pacquiao for giving back pride and hope for Filipinos. I sincerely hope he doesn’t enter into politics.
14. My runny nose for warning me that I am but human and thus can still get sick.
15. My wallet for reminding me to save so that it will not be as empty as it is today.
16. The internet for giving me a social life, a love life and a pseudo-work life, and for keeping me connected with friends around the world.
17. My house for giving me pride that I can still accomplish something, though it will take me 20 years to truly say it’s mine. LOL.
18. The gift of music, which I can proudly share with my love. Hehehehehe…
19. The Filipinos sticking it out here at home despite all the things that has been happening.

20. And most especially, Thank you Lord… For watching over us with love and compassion and for guiding us through all the craziness happening in our country.


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