Yes! Transfer complete (again)

Finally has activated its import feature. Now I have transferred all my previous (and crappy, lol) posts to my new blog home.  I’m satisfied. What a way to start my week.

Unfortunately, the photos I posted via blogger got whacked and all gone. I have to edit a few of them now. Well, that’s what I get for getting a free service. Teehee…


One thought on “Yes! Transfer complete (again)

  1. Manila guy in his early 30’s, working for a non-profit organization, hence poor as dirt. Lives his life one day at a time, while keeping a planner in handy. Loves life, hates stupid people.

    I love the description. Living up to your habit of contradicting yourself! Witty and sarcastic, compassionate and wicked…and I fell in love with you…damn…(winks at boyfriend)

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