So sad…

By this time not a few number of blogs and online columns have already said something about the tragedy at Ultra. But one thing is clear, this happened because of povery and the network war.

It is very sad that because of the network war or the ratings game, people have to die. It is abject poverty that drove these people out of their homes in the provinces and on to Ultra. It is poverty and the need of these people for instant fortune that ABS-CBN used as a force to jack up viewership and their ratings. Wowowee was created to entertain, and ABS-CBN is a profit company. Whatever they did for the show, it is to gain viewership. Forget about the crap that they want to help the poor, they have ABS-CBN Foundation to do that.

I shudder at the thought of tormented souls of the dead haunting the halls of ABS-CBN.This is a monumental blow to them. They should go out of the entertainment business.

I believe in karma, I really do. They must have done something terribly wrong in their business practice somewhere.


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