High School Amnesia?

I was inspired by Pinay New Yorker and Tin@30 to write my own list of high school memories. I was poised to type my entry, scanning my brain for memories of my glorious days in highschool. Pero parang…

Wala. I’m stumped. I only have bits and pieces. Selective amnesia? Ganon ba ka poor ang aking memory? Or is my high school life so damn boring that my brain cells didn’t even bother recording the moments?

The things I remember:

1. I got to be a contestant for a reading comprehension contest thing. I didn’t win.

2. I had a crush with a barkada (boy syempre) and when he learned about it, he totally wrote me off from his life. As in. Tapos.

3. Won a Lea Salonga tape in a singing contest promoting the album of… of course… Lea Salonga.

4. Hinihipuan ko ang mga kaklase kong lalaki kahit hindi cute. I know. Pervert and disgusting. But I think they kinda liked it one way or another. LOL.

Oh hell, I can’t think of anything else… Will try my luck next post.

How about your highschool memories… meron ba?



9 thoughts on “High School Amnesia?

  1. ako man, ang lahat ng magagandang memories e outside ng school
    isa lang ang matinding naalala ko nung high school …. sumama ako sa mga classmate ko ng class break .. may pinuntahan kaming bahay .. pagdating sa may pinto .. nakatingin sa kin yung mga barkadang andun sabay sabing “bago ha!”
    tapos pagdating sa loob ayun na may apat na baso at dalawang cough syrup, naghati-hatian na sila sabay inom … tsk tsk tsk!! after non di na ko sumama sa kanila sa labas ….

  2. hello jher!
    well, i had a blast in highschool. i went to a public school, and was then ms. goody two shoes with a pinch of naughtiness. i met all my bestfriends there, and yes i think i also fell in love for the first time while i was in highschool. i remember the music (80s new wave!) and i am trying to forget about the hairstyle and the clothes! 😀

  3. oh, annabanana. don’t you ever dare forget about the hairstyle and the clothes! that’s ours and ours alone….and no one will ever bring it back…lol. I’m gonna come up with a highschool memory blog…i remembered talking about it with jher while snuggling…*kilig*

  4. I was a huge nerd. Then I traded my glasses for contact lenses and the boys came a-knockin’. Hahaha. Had my 1st heartbreak in high school. Had my 1st boyfriend in senior year. Still friends with two of my kabarkadas till now. I wouldn’t go back to high school. It was just too angsty for me.

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