More high school memories

Sabi nga ni Celine sa kanyang kanta… “it’s all coming back… It’s all coming back to me now…” Well sort of.

1) I used to carry the things of my favorite Filipino teacher, Bb. Tang, when she moves from one room to another. Talk about sipsip.

2) I sang at a boyscout activity thingie. It was raining real hard and I belted out “Greatest Love of All” (mataas pa boses ko non). The rain stopped and milagrong sumikat ang araw. Seriously.

3) We got to be the first to use our newly donated computers. Monochrome ang screen, BASIC ang OS, walang hard disk at ga higante ang floppy disk na gamit.

4) I was the resident singer in our class.

5) But I never joined singing contests.

6) I wore those hideous big-rimmed, red (the humanity!) plastic eyeglasses. Talk about geeky and ugly.

Nauubusan na talaga ako. I better stop. It’s hopeless. My highschool life is just a crappy blur.


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