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Lately medyo naaaddict ako mag download este mag acquire ng old music. But when I say old mga around the 70s lang naman up to the early 80s. I’m sure to the likes of Dino and Bikoy eh ancient history na ito.

My playlist now:

  • Fallin
  • It takes a man and a woman
  • songbird
  • yes im ready
  • what do we mean to each other
  • rainy days an mondays
  • never gonna let you go
  • used to be
  • where do i begin
  • people alone
  • morning noon and nighttime
  • close to you
  • dont know much
  • first love never dies
  • up where we belong
  • evergreen
  • we may never love like this again
  • can you read my mind

So what music are you into right now?


8 thoughts on “Hitback

  1. I love The Carpenters. Weirdly enough, I grew up listening to their songs. Karen’s voice is so somber/morose/heartbreaking, it’s calming. Kahit nga yung alien message sa Calling Occupants…memorized ko eh. “Weee are observing your Earth/ and we’d like to make a contact with you” XD My favorite would have to be, well marami, pero in time for V-Day, “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” na lang. Heh.

    But I like Close To You rin and Rainy Days… and Solitaire pati Desperado…stop na.

    Evergreen’s my Mom and Dad’s wedding song kaya they asked my voice coach to make me sing it. It’s a pretty simple song pero it’s fairly hard to pull off real well.

    And I should shut up now.

  2. I love ’70s and ’80s! Pero sa ngayon ang type kong music yun tipong One Tree Hill and The OC ang dating. Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Bruce Walker’s “Mixtape,” etc.

  3. Hi dino – i never imagined you liking the carpenters. cute naman. pakurot nga ulit sa pisngi!

    toni – well it is just a phase im into. next week im sure nasa opm naman ako. 🙂

  4. Jher — versatile kasi ang music ng carpenters. pwede pang senti, emo, pensive, contained happiness…basically, kaya niyang maki-ride sa gamut ng aking emotions. which is pretty diverse. and they shift faster than a race car on crack. XD

    Toni — I LOVE Fix you. I’d probably cry if someone sang that for me.

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