As with Christmas, Everyday should be Valentines Day!

To those of you whose day will revolve around valentines day…

a) Stop – Do not let a day dictate how you should love your loved one. Stop measuring your love in terms of how you celebrate this day. Measure it in terms of how you love and care for each other in every single day that you are together.
b) Look – For reasons to bring passion and excitement to even the most simple moments and events in your lives.
c) Listen – To the beat of each other’s heart, to the gentle whispers of love, to the sound of desire that only the two of you can bring to each other.

Everyday should be valentines day.

Tomorrow we go back to our normal lives mmmmkay? No more sappy posts like this. LOL


4 thoughts on “As with Christmas, Everyday should be Valentines Day!

  1. hi jher! happy valentine’s day! 🙂 i agree with you, though, we don’t need valentine’s day to show our loved ones how much we love them. dapat we show them our love everyday. sabi nga ng uncle ko na medyo cynical sa buhay…hallmark invented valentine’s day daw so that we would have a reason to buy their cards. hehe… meron pa bang bumibili nang hallmark cards? in this age of instant messaging, text and email, sending hallmark cards is quite obsolete na… or is it? 🙂

  2. Kung araw-araw ang Valentine’s, araw-araw din ang gastos at lalong lalaki ang word population, (joke lng ;))

    On hallmark cards, I’m not sure if it’s obsolete because a lot of girls still find the real V-day card to be romantic and worth keeping. Then again I’m sure it’s not the hallmark brand that’s still popular nowadays.

    I’m sure you’ve seen those giant blac & white cards with those fancy messages and designs. (I forgot the brand name)

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