Post Valentine Blah

JCD and I had a rather lengthy discussion as to why some people (including me) seemed so negative about Valentines Day.

He told me how he was so happy waking up to a rose given to him by his mom and started texting and greeting everyone. But by the end of the day he was sad and crying. People around him were very negative daw and dismissed valentines as corny, over-hyped, and commercial.

A couple of blogs were not so thrilled over V-day either. Read them here, here and here.

Well, I admit I was not ecstatic about it too. During our talk I went to great lengths explaining to him my take on this. Simply put, I prefer to celebrate days which are more relevant to our lives as a couple, and not some made up and much commercialized day. For me it’s simply so hard to celebrate love when everything I try to buy and do to express it would mean spending half of my salary. And it wasn’t even payday.

In the end he still wasn’t convinced. His view on the Valentines Day is seen through the eyes of a person very much in love. I can’t blame him. He’s in love with me. Hahahah!

Kunsabagay, professing your undying love to someone should not even be measured by the dozens of roses you gave, the fancy restaurant where you ate, the sweetest chocolate concoction you shared. You can share love over fishballs and gulaman. While staring at the sunset at baywalk. Things like that.

Anyway, I’m just blabbering. Though, next year I won’t be as unenthusiastic. Love is love no matter what day you choose to celebrate it.


9 thoughts on “Post Valentine Blah

  1. guilty…i’m one of those who are not too enthusiastic about v-day. but you’re right, v-day need not be expensive. i spent my last v-day eating chinese take-out in a car, pero overlooking the makati skyline naman 😀

  2. I probably don’t come off as someone who’d do it to people who know me in real life but if I had someone for Valentines, I’d probably go for the whole Valentiney fancy schmancy extra cheesy shebang.

    Still won’t go to that Lovepapwetza thing, tho’ Eww.

  3. anna – o di ba? sing saya pero di sing mahal. 😉

    dino – its okay naman to go all out lalo na when one has the means and the resources. kaya lang naman ako mareklamo kasi ala akong pera. LOL

  4. hello jher!
    belated hapy valentines day. galing ako sa blog ng iyong beloved bridget jones…haaaay, kakainlove naman yung post niya. you guys are so blessed to be with each other. cherish every second! uhmm, ako im the romantic type of person to the point of insanity…i really go gaga over preps for special occasions. 😀 corny ano?
    niwey, have a good day!

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