Let’s tell a story

Again, true to the spirit of blogging, I was inspired to do this by the Beatings of My Heart blog.

Thanks girl!

Here it goes…

(1) Write a 100-to-200-word entry using the following words: I, me, blow job, grapes, random, power, loneliness, water, robot and blue

(2) Use these words once and only once; and of course

(3) The entry should make sense.

And here’s my story…

It was a horrible thing to do. I was forced to do a blowjob. No. Not the pornographic work. We were forced to manually expand purple balloons as we are about to form gigantic grapes for a float which will roam our town during the celebration of our fiesta.

People know me as a very happy person, but the thought of wrapping my mouth around the opening of a rubber toy gives my heart immeasurable pain. A steady stream of water from unbearable sorrow flowed from my eyes. A pain so real, so sad, so blue.

It wasn’t so much the loneliness, but my seemingly lack of power to escape these random acts of stupidity. Who needs a giant fruit to float around the town? Why should we suffer? Why not get a robot to do the job? Of course that is not possible. We live in a backward town and we’re mere peasants.


Hirap no’n ha. LOL. Wanna give it a try?


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