Say what?

I love comment moderation. It allows me to approve comments I like (what can I do I’m a narcissistic, conceited witch) and weed out the ones that are offensive. I even tag them as spam.

How I wish I can do the same with people I despise. LOL. 😛

Today I got two comments (because of my previous post on being gay) from an a-hole who thinks I will allow him to lambast me in my own blog.

Don’t keep your hopes up too much brotha, (or sistah) mmmmkay? I won’t let it. Nu-uh.


5 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. I’m on Blogspot and never tried comment moderation. Can you edit the moderated comments in WordPress? I ask this because it would definitely annoy the troll to see his/her comment modified to say exactly the opposite. Hehe.

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