Of Memories and Pride Lost

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I was 12 when it happened and I was about to graduate from elementary school. Walang pasok! My country was making history. We drove a dictator out of the palace and won our freedom. We were a proud nation. Our “People Power” was admired all over the world.

I can remember singing the songs “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” and “Magkaisa” with gusto. I can still remember the lyrics by heart.

Hearing the songs again today gave me goosebumps. I never realized I missed being proud of my being Filipino. The past few years under Erap and now GMA, made me just want to let go of my hope for my country. But I held on. May pag-asa pa naman siguro.

That is probably why so many people just forgot. They lost their memories along with their hope and pride.

Ako, I didn’t forget. I still have hopes and I am still proud to be Filipino.

Sana kayo maalala nyo pa rin ang EDSA People Power I. Kahit kinalimutan na ng iba.


4 thoughts on “Of Memories and Pride Lost

  1. hi. i also get goosebumps whenever i hear those songs. used to be really passionate about our country. but after graduating and trying to earn more keep, i’ve stepped back and dealt with more important things – like my dreams. it’s times like these that i think, what have i really done for the country. i hope and pray that we will be able to stand up again.

    btw, i’m tintin’s sister. 🙂 can i link you up? thanks!

  2. a one satire play i cannot forget …… EDSA REVOLUTION 1 … choosing a lesser evil US-puppet president. cum a MENDIOLA MASSACRE (how to kill democracy) the movie

  3. ade – hay nakakaloka. the day after this post nagkakagulo na naman tayo di ba? sayang talaga lahat ng gains ng edsa 1

    karol (?) – i sure hope too. sigh. hey thanks for linking me up. 🙂

    melai – hmmmmm lalim no ah. 😛

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