Scheming sons of bit…

gma.jpgOMG. Got this from Carlos Celdran’s blog.

Apparently there really are attempts at another coup d’etat. At sa bahay pa ni Peping Cojuangco nangyari ang meeting, led by Pastor (gawd I hate the name it’s so… urgh!) Saycon, businessmen and other monkeys.

Basta read this TimeAsia article. They should all be shot, electrocuted, chopped up and then fed to their fellow dogs.

Ay wag kawawa ang dogs. Itapon na lang sa dagat at ipakain sa talaba.

Grrrrr I’m so mad.


7 thoughts on “Scheming sons of bit…

  1. ironic ang title ng blog mo para sa situation. 🙂

    anyway, para sa mga nagbabalak ng bagong coup, TAMA NA! hindi ako pro-GMA, pero sawa na ako sa pulitika!

  2. tama ka jan, ade. see, babe? not only i think that your title is somewhat off-tangent with the personality of its contents. agree din ako, ade. i am so tired of politics. that’s why i voted for bro. eddie. praise the lord.

  3. jcd – he was referring to another title that’s why i changed it to this. and this title is “off-tangent” as well?

    teka nalilito ako, ade was referring to the title of my blog or my entry?
    nah. still wont vote for bro. eddie kahit gumuho na lahat ng bundok sa pilipinas.

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