If you were gay…

I know. I’m a heartless bitch and I deserve to burn in hell. I’m also expecting a good spanking (literally and figuratively) from JCD for not being in the same level with him on Rustom’s coming out through PBB. Although that’s expected between the two of us. He’s the yin to my yang. I’m the black to his white.

I haven’t come out to my mother yet, maybe that’s why I can not relate to what happened to Rustom. JCD has bravely done that and so he is looking at this from a different perspective as well.

It’s a very hard thing to do really. Numerous times I have contemplated and attempted but as mentioned by bong in his comment to my previous post, “coming out is a difficult process and the only time one knows he is prepared to do it – is when he does it, there are no signs, there are no preparations that can ever be enough”.

Kakatawa, ang hirap mag come out sa aking inay kung kailan naman ang buong mundo na aking ginagalawan ay nakakaalam na ng aking pagkatao. Katwiran ko rin kasi, eh hindi sya nagtatanong bakit ko ibibigay sa kanya voluntarily? Sigh.

So ano akala nyo laging masaya ang mga bakla? We are drama queens of the highest order believe me.


Comments are moderated, so if some dumb a-hole would even try to tell me that my soul should go straight to hell, it ain’t gonna happen. Besides, I don’t believe in hell. Belat. 😛


6 thoughts on “If you were gay…

  1. mothers know best. ako i used to smoke, when i was in college..mega tago ako sa mama ko, as in ill bring a change of clothing, take shower in a friend’s house and never smoke anywhere near our house…but years later mama told me that she knew all along. she wanted to confriont me about it, but she respected my privacy (kasi nga ayaw kong ipakita sa kanya eh!) sabi niya she was so sad that i had to smoke, but she trusted me in knowing what is right and wrong…i apologized to her, and never smoked again!
    when the time comes, you’ll be ready…and yes you’ll have me and a legion of friends behind you. hugs to you, jher!

  2. hi jher! i hope you eventually find the courage to tell your mom. and maybe toni is right about your mom already knowing it. sometimes moms just know, even without us telling them.

  3. toni, anna & tin – naku mga dear, alam kong alam na rin nya. my mom is a very intelligent woman and i have, at times, been careless kaya i sometimes gave out clues. hahahah okay lang yon. feeling ko lang di naman ako magiging kasing drama ng lola rustom. 🙂

  4. about your mom… i have this feeling that she knows, moms always do that. (don’t they always?!)

    and if you ever decide that the time is right… good luck! 🙂

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