How sosyal naman your protest grabeh!

OMG. Like, what were they making isip? That making protesta on the street in the ilalim of the sun is like so gross that they wanna make subok a different strategy? And then they make announcements that it is so effective kasi they have like 80 people who made payaman the owners of starbucks? Graveh!

Like… talaga! They made pila pila sa Starbucks making suot black shirt that is like kapareho ng uniform ng Starbucks employees and then they make layas after thirty minutes with a thumbs-down sign. Wow that is so up there with burning effigies of Ate Glo. Grabeh, they are like my idol na when we talk about making protesta in the streets.

Like how can the police make palayas them with this kind of protest action? Make them buhos with non-fat milk o kaya make palo to them the biscotti? Whatevurrr…

As in idol me na ang black and white movement. I am so making sali na to them talagah.

I love this country. As in davah?


9 thoughts on “How sosyal naman your protest grabeh!

  1. haha! and they called it a success kasi super dami daw ang pumunta, not only in 6750 but in other starbucks branches pa! dapat sila ang i-thumbs down. now na!!

  2. everyone – ano ba why are you making tawa ng sobra? im effort na nga to make seryoso comments on my blog about politics tapos you think im just making patawa? grabeh. saka im not making gaya cofibean ha. im a true blue konyotik. lol

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