Next stop… Ortigas Station.


I’m sure I look like I’m promoting this but I’m not, however, if you will wear black on Friday, ride the MRT and end up at Ortigas station between 6:30pm – 7:15 pm (OMG that’s the rush hour, goodness), baka mapagkamalan kang kasali rito.

O baka naman trip mo rin, I won’t stop you.

At least mas mura ang tiket ng MRT kesa Starbucks, kahit balikan pa. 😛

Syempre if you don’t want to be identified with the group, wear a different color, wait ’till after 6:30, or ride the bus, or ride/disembark on a different station. Or just proceed as usual. You have the choice. You decide.

O yan ha balanse yan, may options lahat. Baka awayin ako ng grupo behind that eh aba, patulan ba ako? Sisikat ako nyan tulad ni Bong.


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