Just watched…

Rent The Movie

I needed to rest my eyes from reading all the blogs, counter blogs, reactions and counter reactions re: the open letter of the eloquent writer/blogger Bong. Dami kasing marunong (at nagmamarunong sa Pilipinas kaya lalong walang nangyayari).

Yes Bong I don’t want to be sikat like you na. As In. Grabeh.

Anyway, just watched the advance screening of Rent The Movie last night. The event was sponsored by Remedios Aids Foundation. Remember AIDS? Mga tol, may AIDS pandemic po, baka nakakalimutan nyo, puro kayo politika dyan.

I love the movie though it’s kinda long. Sabi nga ng kaibigan kong antipatika: “Forever matapos? Hintayin mamatay lahat ng character bago matapos?”. Hahahah.

I’m no movie critic so I can’t and won’t nitpick on the merits of the movie. I love the songs and I’m feeding my mp3 player with some of them right now.

I’ve yet to watch Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha. Kasi naman si Bridget laging wala.


3 thoughts on “Just watched…

  1. My pseudo fame! Anyway, thanks jher for having been there all this time, for being the wind beneath my wings (har har har har, snicker snicker). Thanks for reminding me that I should write about that Rent movie – and about HIV/AIDS. Pucha, president nga ako ng board ng Remedios pero di man lang ako makapagsulat ng tungkol sa HIV/AIDS sa blog ko! Hi to bridget.

  2. I LOVED Rent! Ang galing ng pagkagawa. I get shivers just thinking about it!!! The play from a couple of years ago was okay. The story was great, but the performances were nothing to rave about. Okay lang. But this movie! Ang galing ng casting. I heard all of them played those characters din sa Broadway, except for Rosario Dawson. Anyway I’d love to watch this again.

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