Random randomness

Hi blog friends! How was your first day of the week? How was your weekend? How are you?

Kulit ba? Anyway, I just thought of just dropping by the blog to say hi to y’all. It’s quite a busy day and I can’t think of anything to write about.

Unlike some of you, I really can’t post every bit of detail about what happened to me, what I ate, what I wore, what I should be doing, what I’ve done… etc. etc. etc. … as much as I want to because I’m bad at recalling things. Remember my high school post? I can’t. LOL.

Tumatanda na nga siguro ako. 😛

Anyway, just enjoy the week ahead. If you have plenty of time you can visit the blog of the now infamous and eloquent Bong. My gawd his visitor counter is at 12000++ na. Grabe pwede nang pagkakitaan. Hahahahahahah.

But seriously Bong, you have defended yourself enough. It’s time to attack. Joke.

JCD has a proposal to end all the kaguluhan in RP politics. Hmmm. Very hopeful. But knowing the characters of the people he wishes to involve, it will be very bloody. Hahah.

Ano kaya nangyari sa Black Friday Protest sa MRT? Ako walang balita.

Oh. Just had a fun (read: punong puno ng laitan) belated get-together birthday bash last night with old (literally) friends. BTW, happy birthday nga pala sa iyo Mr. Eloquent. Here’s to more controversial blog posts and open letters!


4 thoughts on “Random randomness

  1. hi. I changed my blog address (click nalang po sa name ko). Same old thing parin naman. yun lang po, just wanted to share. hehe have a nice week! 😉

  2. Jher, please don’t harp on getting old. Only those who feel old get old. Jerome and I refuse to do anything but age gracefully by embracing the years but not letting it get the better of us. (That’s me being presumptuous and speaking for Jerome and me.. LOL) Thanks for the recommendations.. I’m checking them out.

  3. Hi Jher! First day of the week was busy – as usual. Dami trabaho and I’m trying to get into some sideline for extra income. Famous na nga talaga si Bong. One of the local dailies here in Bacolod has an article about his open letter. Kaya lang they didn’t know who wrote it eh. They got it lang sa email. Maybe I should give them Bong’s URL. 🙂 hope you have a good week ahead.

  4. hi jt – sige ill be updating my links. so ull be using this new blog address more?

    pinay – kaya nga may word na “siguro” kasi di naman ako sure na tumanda na ako. hahahahahhaha. hope ur family is okay na.

    tintin – naku masyado na syang sikat. let’s just promote each other’s blog. joke. have a great week ahead! how’s ur mom?

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