Every kunsumisyon under the Sun

24by7sun.gifI have been planning to write about this for a while now, ever since I transferred to Cavite. Yes I will rant about Sun’s 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited Service.

I availed of Sun Cellular’s service (as an extra cellphone line) as my temporary replacement to the landline we requested to have disconnected back in Tondo. I did not immediately plan to have the landline transferred to Cavite because I have no use for it: calling people in Manila would mean long distance charges, and I don’t have friends nor acquaintances in Cavite to call. JCD lives in Pacita, Laguna but surprisingly, they’re still covered by the area code of Metro Manila. So it is still impractical at the moment because I can’t call JCD anyway. Well, I could but just for practicality reasons, I can’t. LOL.

Anyway, I got a Sun Cellular simcard and availed of Sun’s Call and Text unlimited promo, which was very enticing. Imagine just spending 100 for a week’s worth of unlimited call and text? That’s just around 400 a month. Great deal if you ask me.

But that is where the great deal ends and hell begins. Sure, I have no problems with the unlimited text. But the unlimited call… is simply… hell.

Try calling between 8:00 pm to 12:00 midnight and be prepared to have your thumb reduced to a useless, painful nub. You will get connected after a hundred redials. It would either be “network busy”, “please try your call again later”, or just an irritating busy tone. My god naubos ang lahat ng pasensyang inipon ko ng ilang taon. Usually (read: always) if this happens, by the time I get to talk to JCD, mainit na ulo ko. Hindi na kami masaya pag nag usap.

And then, there’s this 15 minute limit. Yes you can call as often as you want, just make sure it is within 15 minutes, or the call gets cut off. Then you have to go through hell again. Sun cellular subscribers have gone a way around this, the details of which I will not divulge here. But I mean, how do cellular systems work? I’m okay with the 15 minute limit for as long as it would be easy for me to redial. Saan ba dumadaan ang mga calls ng sun? Sa butas ng karayom? Sun subscribers are just about 2 million? Paano na pag dumami pa?

Oh I remember, sometimes the limit goes down to 4 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 6. Basta very irregular. The call will just drop. Just like that.

During the day it is just dandy and fine. Very normal. Connect agad. That’s probably why they’re pushing for the daylight call and text. Limited ang time to call from 12:00 am to 6:00 pm. Baka natutulog na yung taga connect ng calls after that. LOL.

Is it worth experiencing hell like this just because I’m paying for the service at such a low price? Should I be stuck with everything hellish under the sun just because I’m a cheapskate? Maybe. But I can rant so I will do it anyway. 😛


13 thoughts on “Every kunsumisyon under the Sun

  1. That’s why Sun didn’t fly because its network sucks. I’d rather pay regular than go through all the hassle you’ve just mentioned. I don’t call and text much anyway. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard many good things about Sun. You’re not the first one to complain! It would be interesting to know about their retention rate though. Hay ayoko ng extra stress. I’d rather pay that extra peso and not feel the negative Sun energy. Bad for beauty! Magkaka-wrinkles ka nyan! Hehehe.

  3. I’m also a postpaid Sun subscriber and here in Bacolod, the service is even worse! Sometimes the sun just doesn’t shine here (read: I don’t get a signal from 6pm onwards). I just got this line because I needed a new phone and since I have a 24-month lock in period, wala akong choice. What’s worse, pag 70% na yung account balance mo of your credit limit, tinatawagan ka na ng mga customer service reps nila na walang alam sa courtesy. Tama nga si Toni, life is stressful as it is, dapat hindi ko na dinagdagan by getting a Sun line. 😦 Di bale, I have 6 months to go till the end of my lock-in period. Then I can get a line that won’t stress me out.

  4. You apparently got yourselves a bad deal, huh! It was too early naman kasi to subscribe to a network which is still undergoing expansion, esp with regard its facilities.

    Besides, the phone units in Sun aren’t exactly cheaper than they are in Globe or Smart, for example. I bought a unit in COMPEX and used my old Globe SIM. That’s it. Nothing beats the tried and tested.

    Kudos to the Gathchalians though for running a tight airline (5J). They’re giving PR a run for their money!

  5. Are you going to do it like B&WM’s? Like, congregate infront of Sun offices and make a beeline as if you’re paying your bills pero not really? Then make a thumbs down sign and disperse all of a sudden? *grins*

  6. Although I work sa isang sister company ng Sun, di ako nag avail ng cellphone nila (meron kasi for employees). Problema kasi yan eh. Kaya stick to globe ako 🙂

  7. dylan – if only i can throw my fone at the front desk of their customer service department i will. then ill do my very fagotty scream na “I hate you!!!”. Eksena di ba?

    JT – wow model employee. lol

  8. hey… i printed your text… we’re going to submit it as a part of related literature about our research in technical writing. i’m an accounting student and our topic is about “TO SUN and NOT TO SUN.”

    and i think this post is worth of including it there. don’t worry we’re going to cite your name…

    Please email me you’re whole name… para maayos na macite na ikaw yun author =)

    kapag hindi don’t worry i’ll just post you’re website as to our sources.

    Thanks. Big time =) nice posts by the way/

  9. avocado girl – okay lang just site the website. id rather stay anonymous as my writing is not exactly scholarly. thanks for visiting! 🙂

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