Random Schmandom

Hello blog friends! Did you miss me? I bet you do. Kapal ko. Hehehehe.

Anyway it was a very hectic week last week as we were rushing to finish and submit a project proposal. Imagine the deadline was set at 5:00pm last Friday and I was still in the office at around 4:30pm finishing important details! I got to submit the proposal (the organization’s office is in Ortigas and I’m in Makati) at exactly 5:05. Talk about photo finish. Well the documents were submitted, thankfully. Now it is up to them if they like it enough to approve it. Sigh. After that I felt all the energy draining out of me. I just had to stay home and rest.

I did not have the time to check on my emails and blog… so there.


Dinky and Enteng got arrested. They were very angry. They were just walking daw. Should they be arrested for wearing similar shirts and doing a thumbs down sign?

That’s bull****. Can’t you just own up to your actions? You are obviously doing a protest as clearly indicated in your very public blogsite (which also indicated that it is going to be a protest and they were asking people to join them). So what if they will arrest you. Go to court and defend yourselves. You have the guts to organize a protest but you do not have the balls to go to jail?

And sugod naman agad ang Cory (to bring merienda or piyansa?). Did she pray there? I don’t know.  I didn’t finish watching the coverage coz I’m like naduduwal na (pardon the kolehiyala accent, lol). I totally lost respect for the woman. But that’s not to say I respect Ate Glue. Magkakalevel na sila lahat.

Lying, conniving, pathetic clowns. You should all die, rot and be fed to earthworms (wawang worms walang choice? LOL). Ugh.

Micketymoc, your photoshop skills are outstanding… Hahahahahahah


Speaking of disgusting acts, JCD and I got to watch “Hostel” by Eli Roth ( I don’t know why they attached Quentin Tarantino’s name on the promo posters?) So much blood and gore! And this is supposed to be our date film! Hahahahaha.

No film reviews here, you know that’s not my thing. Suffice it to say that whatever the movie lacked in substance, they compensated with blood and guts, literally. -P


That’s it for now! Hope you have a good one.


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