Much ado about blog comments

When I was a fairly new blogger, I often wished for the day that someone from somewhere would come visit my blog, read its contents, and then leave a precious comment. It took a couple of months before the very first comments came in and naturally I was happy.

As I look at the comments on my blog now I really feel like belonging to a small group of friends taking their precious time commenting on each other’s blog, leaving jokes here and there, ogling at pictures then leaving remarks on how nice that window drape is, how yummy that food seems to be, or how wonderful that place is at night. Everyone is at peace and I am happy in my own little cyber place in cyber space.

That’s why I really get quite disturbed, agitated and irritated when I see nasty comments on the other blogs I read. Comments on Sassy’s post on Yellow Journalism got her really worked up. Because of the Open Letter (which I email-forwarded to everyone I knew within minutes it was posted), Bong’s blog comments now is a hodgepodge of semantics, grammar police forces, idolatry, craziness, analysis and sometimes stupidity. Let’s not go and even describe the comments in MLQ’s blog, or PCIJ, or Ricky Carandang’s. Suffice it to say that after visiting their comments section, my eyes just wanted to pop out and my brain ready to explode from the barrage of information, opinion and bloated egos. Sometimes it was just simply exhausting to read.

I know that there are moves for bloggers to come up with a Blogger’s Code of Ethics. It makes me wonder if it’s even possible to come up with a Blog Commenter’s Code of Ethics?

I know my position on my blog: I want and appreciate your comments, but if you diss me on my blog, your comments will not see the light of day. It’s my blog and I can do whatever I want to do.

How about you, what’s your take on this?


17 thoughts on “Much ado about blog comments

  1. I’m with you – moderated comments. I like the ‘livingroom’ model…people come in by choice to visit, but if they start a scene, you’re completely within your rights to kick them out…or delete their comment, as the case may be.

    I think, though, that the first negative comment is the bigger milestone.

  2. I think it would be best if first-time commenters are moderated, because we really can’t do anything about people who post comments on our blogs.

    I know it sucks, but if we have the right to have blogs and post whatever we want, we also have the right to take whatevcer crap our commenters give us.

    But them trolls are giving me a headache. I have one now, and he disagrees with everything I say. He even puts a swear or two in his comments. Whenever he comments he makes my life hell because I have to filter the swear words.


  3. Dear new friend,
    I am a novice; only two weeks as a blogger. However, I have thinning hair as a media activist. I can symphatize with you if others post nasty comments on the net. But I can not, however, agree to “regulate” this open space which I believe is the rising 5th Estate. Blogging ethics and codes of conduct are necessary. But to put restrictions to this open space will defy its own meaning. If we are not ready or willing to accept praise or punyetas! I understand that we can easily shut off our comment sections. Its an affirmation of our freedom of choice. As you stated, their comments “will not see the light of day.”
    Hopefully, comments will all come in the form of positive vibes. Or we can accept all comments as constructive crticisms. Comments strengthen our community. They fortify the net, all its individual parts as well as its whole.
    Daghang salamat,
    Councilor Peter

  4. I welcome dissent in my blog. But you’ll know when a commenter just wants to make a scene. That’s a differenct story altogether. I’m glad nobody malicious or downright nasty has commented on my blog. I guess I’m not that popular yet compare to MLQIII and Sassy Lawyer. When you’re well known in the blogosphere, trolls will likely attack your blog with negative comments.

  5. ay tsugihin bigla! i get a load of spammers, KSPs, know it alls and yes, trolls (some even bother to send me offline messages and/or emails!). sige lang bring it on, i still have the power to delete them anyway, yun nga lang kakapagod!
    i love my blog community…believe it or not, i have found some of the best people i know thru blogging.
    just like toni i’m glad to be your blog sister jerome! (lukrings of the same feathers—-unite!) have a good saturday, jerome…enjoy!

  6. I’m a month-old blogger and I’m very happy. But you’re right. When I read other people’s blogs, the comments could turn quite ugly.

  7. Because of Jher’s post, I visited Sassy’s blog and read through all the exchanges in the comments. All I can say is this: I am glad I do not respond to individual comments on my blog. As far as I am concerned, people can debate all they want but I choose who to respond to. Besides, I tend to agree with some people that there is an internet brigade out there with a specific job description: to demolish arguments contrary to their ideology or political cause.

    But it really saddens me that there are people out there who are so full of themselves, they do not argue to express a contrary opinion but simply to prove others wrong.

    There is this guy who keeps pestering me about why my blog is moderated – he says I have no right to express my opinions simply because I do not allow others to fully express their opinions as well. And he leaves like 8 repetitions of the same comment everytime. I told him that he can create his own blog and express himself 24 hours a day. Of course, I reject his comments every single time. hahaha.

    But seriously guys, it helps build character. I know this sounds altruistic, but there was a time when I would actually feel bad whenever I saw comments in my blogs that were so savage. But now, I have learned to take it all in stride.

  8. sef – thanks for the visit and your comments. I’m all for learning, but not for dissing. What would I learn from namecalling and mudslinging? I certainly would allow people to disagree with me, but not to be nasty inside my living room? nuh uh. hey visited your blog btw. 🙂

    Councilor Peter – Thank you for the visit and the comments. I just would like to clarify, as I did with my response to sef, that what im not in favor of is the “dissing”, a purely personal attack on the person and not about the content or the message of the blog. Pardon that I did not clarify that term early on. When a commenter posts that I’m so and so and should burn in so and so, why would I even recall the horror of the comment everytime I read my blog? That kind of comment will never see the light of day, this or any day. But hey I’m all for freedom of speech, as long as the one talking doesn’t have a nasty breath and pollute my air. 🙂

    Abaniko – sad that we’re not as popular as them no? di bale na lang kung tataas naman lagi ang presyon ng dugo ko.

    toni – nice. golden nuggets. i agree with you 100%

    anna – baka naman si bridget ang jerome na tinutukoy mo? although magkapangalan kami actually. kasi sabi mo lukring. di naman yata ako kasing lukring mo. hahahahahah 😀

    leo – thanks. very interesting blog you have as well. i will have to scour your archives for the perfect business for me and my empty wallet. 🙂

    Toe – you’re in Phnom Penh? I’m so inggit! Good luck on your new blog. 😛

    Bong – Sikat ka na talaga. In fairness you did a great job.

  9. BTW, my blog’s down. please bear with me until i can afford more bandwidth. or at least until april 1.

    pandagdag sa sinabi ko dati:

    negative comments are ok, just as long as they do not harras anyone, wheter it be the blog owner or other readers.

    as for trolls, that’s another story.

    hence I moderate first-time posters.

  10. negative or positive …I accept them with open arms 🙂
    I know i’m not always right pagdating sa mga prinsipyong binablog ko … anybody can correct me sa mga haka-haka, opinyon o simpleng prinsipyong tangan tangan ko 🙂 …parang showbiz yan e …mga intriga …negative or positive parehong nakakatulong sa pag-unlad ko bilang tao …. bilang blogger 🙂

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