My home is not so bad after all…

Got this one from the blog Real Thailand. Is this really the country (well, city) I wished was my second home?


Bangkok is a great place to live.
Author: Wake-up call
Date: 17 Feb 2549 08:36

Besides the suffocating pollution from diesel buses, two-stroke bikes and tuk-tuks and idle taxis, never-ending traffic jams, rampant corruption in the police and politicians, multitudes of prostitution parlors and street-walkers, ignorant beggars with innocent babies sitting under bridges, ineffective schooling and law systems, plastic bags littering the last few remaining square meters of green in the city, excessive noise pollution from loud speakers at malls and modified bikes, inconsiderate pedestrians unaware of anything going on around them or people wanting to pass them, lax safety standards or any standards for that matter, suicidal bus and taxi drivers, dilapidated housing, open sewerage rotting in the sun, the smell of excrement every few meters, noisy and insolent children, deep-fried food being part of a child’s staple diet, swindlers, pirates and scams, obtrusive hierarchical systems with incompetent managers, superficial outlooks on money and happiness, glorified focus on appearance, rude people standing in front of an exit of a train or bus trying to shove their way onboard, spoiled children, deserted Buddhist values, cruelty to animals (elephants, birds and fish for example), unabashed yet unwarranted elitism and egotism, and the apathy of people to resolve any of the above, Bangkok is a great place to live.


But actually, just edit here and there and change some of the details, this looks very much like Pinas no?


3 thoughts on “My home is not so bad after all…

  1. Love Bangkok… only because I live in Phnom Pen. Whenever I miss Manila terribly, my husband and I would go to Bangkok because it’s much nearer (mas mura ang pamasahe) and with our pinoy friends, it’s just like Manila. The article is right… traffic, pollution, etc.. Culture is great but I don’t go much for it because it’s almost the same as in Cambodia. We go to the malls (parang Manila talaga), the beaches, the moviehouses, and the to-die-for cheap streetfood and restaurants. If you want to go abroad, Bangkok is great because you won’t be homesick too much.

  2. Toe – I’ve been to Bangkok just once and I have not had the chance to fully explore the place except for the more popular spots. I’m just kinda surprised na parang pinas na pinas talaga ang description. 🙂

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