Philippine Idol! Yehey! Who will be the judges?

I read somewhere last week in Inq7 that we will have our own Philippine Idol. The franchise was bought by ABC 5. Wow yaman talaga ng new owners ng station. Seriously, ABC5 has come up with very interesting shows, talagang iba from the top 2 tv stations. Sana lang they fix that signal, para kasi talagang galing sa malayong bundok ang signal nila eh.

But I digress…

Anyway, it was reported that one of the judges would be Mr. C himself, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. I guess he will be the technical guy, equivalent to Randy Jackson. Although I can’t imagine him doing his own version of the dog pound. Heheheheheh

So who will be the Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell counterparts?

JCD’s mom has one suggestion: Verni Varga. Oo nga no? Bagay, no longer that sikat, and yet has the credibility to judge a singing competition.

As for the Simon Cowell wannabes, there’s Wyngard Tracy and Direk Fritz Ynfante. Direk Fritz was hilarious during his stint for the original Star In A Million.

The show will start airing in July. Ano kaya ang age requirements? Sana pwede pa kami. LOL


15 thoughts on “Philippine Idol! Yehey! Who will be the judges?

  1. Pwede ka pa jerome. Sali ka. But for the judges, my own preferences would be: Celeste Legaspi, Cynthia Patag or the great Louie Reyes for Paula Abdul’s counterpart. Celeste would be such a great critic – she is a no-nonsense person known for calling a spade a spade. I remember one time she was interviewed on tv, she said without batting an eyelash “walang magaling na singer ngayon! Lahat nanggagaya lang kay Whitney Houston at Mariah Carey!” Cynthia Patag can be ascerbic, sweet, and critical when she wants to, and imagine what she can do with those eyebrows and facial expressions! Well, Louie Reyes is Louie Reyes. For Simon Cowell’s counterpart, I think Fritz Ynfante is not fit for the role – I saw him during the second season of SIAM and he was just plain bitchy – he tended to focus on what the contestants were wearing. Wyngard is okay sana, but kulang sa sarcasm. Someone like Nestor Torre (remember Two for the Road with the late Elvira Manahan? Whew! They were such a hoot!) maybe; or perhaps even Direk Behn Cervantes or pwede na din Direk Joey Reyes. I caught snippets of that awful debate over the celebrity PBB, and he floored me down with that one biting comment: “sana mahawa ako sa kalinisan ninyo!”

  2. Wag namang masyadong majonda ang mga judges! Then again, tanders na rin sina Paula at Simon.

    You’re right! Para ngang galing bundok ang signal ng Ch. 5. Akala ko TV lang namin yun. It’s a relief to know na hindi kami ang may diperensiya!

    Wala, wala akong maisip na matinong judges dito sa Pinas. Isipin ko muna nang mabuti.

  3. Hahahaah toni kurak ka. Majonda talaga? LOL. Anyway, dapat nga yung maka relate naman ang ating audiences at sana hindi pa kelangang mag dig out ng history books para malaman kung sino sila. LOL

  4. hi jher, pasali sa usapan.

    may running joke kami sa abc5 kapag may nagsabing ang labo ng signal parang galing sa bundok, “tama! galing nga sa bundok, sa malayong bundok ng Novaliches…” hehehe (yup, we are all hoping that the transmitter will be fixed asap) Ang ipinagtataka ko, kapag nasa mga out of town trips ako with the president, kapag nag tune ako sa ch5 duon, mas malinaw kesa dito sa Maynila. weird.

    re: abroad… i believe that abc5 shows are available thru the MABUHAY CHANNEL or thru DREAM SATTELITE. (yes, hindi lang ang TFC at ang Pinoy TV ang naruon kasama ninyo)

    thanks for the supportive and constructive words for my network. nasa “trying our best stage” pa kami after the take over of new management. mejo hintay hintay tayo lahat. maayos din yan.

    ang important, hanggang ngayon ang aim ay mag offer ng iba programs sa napapanuod at nakasanayan na ng marami sa iba.

    kasi… IBA TAYO!


  5. Viet god – hey thanks again for the visit. did they have the vietnamese simon cowell there? i wonder what he/she’s like ๐Ÿ™‚

    Toe – good luck na lang sa iyo. sana nga magkaron ng broadcast ang abc5 sa abroad no?

    ade – well kung ikukumpara kay paula, she’s actually like her, questionable singing talent, but can dance. but they need a more colorful character.

    jove – i’m honored by your visit! really, if abc5 will have a crystal clear signal, with the kind of unique programs you have now, you’ll be giving the other 2 channels a run for their money. as for your news dept, i find your network’s reporting more balanced (sipsip daw ako. lol). and an all-woman news anchor team. that’s actually great! thanks for the visit again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Now this is something we can look forward to. And i agree with Ade, no Pops Fernandez please! She can’t even sing well. She’s sintunado. I think Cynthia Patag would make a good judge.

  7. I am looking for Ms Cynthia Patag. If you know her whereabouts, please let me know. I am a great fan of hers back during the Palibhasa… days.


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