The weekend report

Thanks y'all who posted your own versions of the “Fantastic Fours”. I’ll be on the hunt for more stuff like these.

We spent the weekend watching movies. JCD bought a new DVD player so we had to do a "break-in" thingie. We also got a couple of movies from Quiapo (I said got, not bought, so you can not accuse me of buying pirated dvds, heheheheheh defensive).

So what did we watch last weekend?

  1. Brokeback Mountain – yup I haven’t had the chance to watch the theatrical release. All hype really. Good movie. But coming from a gay man, it’s all hype. Hehehe
  2. The Game (Michael Douglas) – now this is a very exciting movie
  3. Transamerica – Felicity Huffman was very convincing as a transgendered invididual.
  4. When Harry Met Sally – I really fell in love with JCD again after watching this. Teehee.

We tried watching Capote and What Lies Beneath but we got distracted with stuff. So there.

Anyway, it’s a new week and a new month and the holy week is near. Some of my friends have already made vacation plans as early as last year (they usually go to the same place year after year, and believe me it is not to commune with nature or God. LOL), but as for me and JCD, we are just planning to spend the holy week at home. We will be popping our eyes out watching movies the whole weekend again.

So how was your week? And what's your plan for the holy week?


4 thoughts on “The weekend report

  1. Got distratced with stuff? What stuff? Uuuuuy.

    My week’s going to be pretty light (I hope). My calendar’s not full of meeting scribbles so hopefully this will be a relaxing week. Holy Week I plan to stay at home with my husband and just fix up the condo. It’s been a month since we’ve moved in and it’s still magulo. Target ko by Easter Sunday eh bagong buhay na rin ang tirahan namin.

  2. uy, ano nga yung “got distarcted with stuff”..pati ako na curious tuloy. di uso ang holy week dito sa korea, so i’d probably be working on a good friday, but will be watching a parokya ni edgar concert on easter sunday! cheers jher..have a good week!

  3. anna isa ka pa! bigla lang dumating ang sis ni jcd at nagkakwentuhan kaya naputol ang panunuod. intrigera! lol. wow andyan pala ang parokya. riot yan for sure. have a good week too!

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