Mandisa is out! Waaaahhh!!!

Mandisa.jpgAlright, that got your attention. LOL. You know I never really posted anything direct about American Idol although I really love the show. Well I love watching singing competitions, Pinoy Pop Superstar, Star In A Million (the first and second season only), Pop Star Kids, Little Big Star, and in the past, Bagong Kampeon.

So why a post about AI?

'Coz they kicked Mandisa out.

Shame on you American viewers/texters/voters for kicking out a great talent just because of one bad day. Magsama sama kayo ng mga country singers nyo! Hmph!

Hay I can't wait for Philippine Idol. Dapat ganito rin kadrama.


11 thoughts on “Mandisa is out! Waaaahhh!!!

  1. hahahaha! ibagsak ang mga amerikanong nag vote out kay Mandisa …uhmmn sabi nga nila hindi lahat ng magagaling safe sa AI ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sino ba ang fave mo?

  2. Naku! I’m sure madrama. Kung hindi madrama ang contestants I am sure gagawing madrama yan ng mga producers!

    Why is Ace still in the race? Grrr.

  3. Hi Yvaine thanks for the visit. Why is Ace still there? Because, while AI is a talent competition, the voters don’t vote based on just talent alone. They are mesmerized by the likes of Ace, Constantine, Anthony Fedorov, and the other pa-cute contestants. Kakainis. Don’t you notice how Kelly Pickler makes that pa-cute “Ahm Sawry” thing when the judges diss her performance? Sarap kurutin sa singit.

  4. i don't hate country singers naman. i love faith hill and leann rimes. what i hate about this is when bucky and kelly get to survive the past few weeks with their terrible singing of music that don't fit them whereas mandiva gets the boot for one bad performance, and it's not even that bad! grrr im so galet. 

  5. mas magaling naman si kelly pickler kay carrie underwood jher ๐Ÿ™‚ kaya lang bato yang si kelly e … di marunong magperform …. kababa lagi ng performance level …. last time si Elliot at si Ace para kong pinapatulog sa kinanta nila … i like Taylor ..pero di siya magtatagal …. akala ko dati parang isa siya nga mga praningerzy na sumali sa AI … talented din naman pala miski papano ๐Ÿ™‚ … si Chris ang may strongest voice i think …

  6. whaaaaat? i wasn’t able to see the show nung thurs kasi may bday party ako. haha. tnx pala for the greetings. =D anyway, parehas tayo. i love mandisa and katharine. si kelly, she can sing, but she’s more pa-cute. si bucky naman has these awkward moves…sayang naman si mandisa. i really thought she would win!!!!

  7. Dylan – thanks for the link. Interesting perspective on the Mandisa brouhaha.

    Melai – kanya kanya lang namang taste yan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kalories – I didn’t think she would win the competition, but I was kinda hoping she’d be on the final 3.

    Van – Well it goes to show that the competition is not just about talent.

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