My virtual pet

my pet!

 I got his name from Bridget's fave character from Alien: Lt. Ellen Ripley. 🙂


9 thoughts on “My virtual pet

  1. anna – real dog ba si atticus o virtual?

    toni – at least di nakaka konsensya pag nawala no? hahahahahah

    ade – tenks. are you as cute as my dog? ngeh don’t answer baka mapagkamalan mo pa akong stalker. lol

  2. i had a blue duck at bunnylabs before named rubber ducky, I pasted that creature on my blog for a week, i got annoyed with “the follow the cursor” thing he does…

    and he’s gone.

  3. michelle (can i call you michelle, ms sweetskittles?) – well the jumping and barking do get old and tiring after some clicks. 🙂

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