Hell-y Tuesday

I know, I know. The Holy Week (for us 'nominal' Catholics in the Philippine Islands)sweating.gif should be a time for peace, prayer, introspection, yada yada yada stuff.

But when you have to go through torture on your way to work on your last day before vacation, you will forget that you should be peaceful, prayerful and introspectful(?). Don't correct my grammar I'm trying to be funny.


The heat, I tell you, is unbearable. You take a shower, and in under 3 minutes you are sweating like a kargador. Forget the rule that you have to stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm; heck the sun is like burning through my epidermal and dermal layers and it's just friggin' 8 am!

Cheapo me can't afford Coppertone so I just prayed (at least I'm praying) that my Block and White lotion protected me until I got to the bus.

Ah the bus. Maybe it's because everyone is off going to a vacation spot somewhere, but riding the bus during these times is like riding one big can of sardines. Jam packed I tell yah! Even the air-conditioned ones.

For those unfortunate souls riding the ordinary buses like moi, tough luck.

It's a perfect formula for olfactory disaster: Heat + sweat + no deodorant = weapons of mass destruction.

Whoever gave the idea that the volume of vehicles go down during summer vacations should be shot in the head, his gray matter smeared on the highway, and his bodily remains be dried like daing. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to work and later it will probably take me 3 hours to go home. This, because all the maniacs, I mean vehicle owners and drivers, are having a heyday in the streets due to the lifting of the number coding ban.

So that, my friends, is my Holy Tuesday thus far. Thank God I will just have to go through this today because tomorrow… I'm free!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Have a peaceful vacation everyone!!! (in the Philippines, that is)


5 thoughts on “Hell-y Tuesday

  1. Hey have a great week! Sobra ngang init sa labas ngayon. Tamad na ako maglakad eh. Masakit sa balat ang init and pangit ang mapawisan hehehe.

  2. Block & White, ha? I should have sent Bridget the Coppertone on my desk when he visited me last Saturday. I don’t use it kasi, eh. SPF 25 pa naman yun.

    Di ba bawal magpainit ang mga naka Block & White?!

  3. Toni – korak. magtatago talaga ako sa loob.

    Dylan – Thanks na lang. Kaya nga block and white no. It blocks then whitens. LOL. SPF10 na nga yun eh.

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