5 Guilts

Guilt What is yours? Explain yourself
Culinary: Sinigang na Baboy or Adobong Baboy Yes I'm a cholesterol magnet.
Literary: Da Vinci Code Mary as Jesus' Wife? No wonder the whole Christiandom is up in arms. Newsflash: The book is fiction. Get over it.
Audiovisual: CSI, American Idol, Jewel in the Palace Wake up local networks, your programs suck. Well, ABC 5 is getting better anyway.
Musical: Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Alanis Morissette, Madonna Do I even have to explain?
Celebrity: Dennis Trillo Yes I will marry him.

Got this one from Doinee. Well I don't have to tag you. Just do it if you want to. 🙂

Have a great week ahead!  


7 thoughts on “5 Guilts

  1. abc 5 is not getting better… it is waay better…

    1. they dont have tsinovelas and koreanovelas…
    2. they have a different taste when it comes to tv shows.. iba tayo… lol
    3. they have the american idol… iloove realiy tv shows…

    the only things that i watch in 2 are pinoy big bro and tv patrol and the correspondents and kontrobersyal and pipol…
    gma… er… i love the animes…

  2. “The Da Vinci’s Code” may be fiction but “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” of which Dan Brown’s novel is based, isn’t. Err, research, research, research!

  3. Hey this is fun! My 5 Guilts:

    Culinary: Kare-kare
    Explain Yourself: Who can resist peanut butter in ulam?

    Literary: Chick lit.
    Explain Yourself: Ladies in different weird situations get into trouble but always have happy endings!

    Audiovisual: American Idol
    Explain Yourself: I like listening to what Simon has to say.

    Musical: Kelly Clarkson.
    Explain Yourself: I like the texture in her voice.

    Celebrity: Topher Grace.
    Explain Yourself: He’s hot. A bit geeky but HOT. Geek hot.

  4. hey thanks toni for the list. sori ha di ko pa nagagawa yung refrigerator pics, tapos may mug collection ka na agad. although my ref is actually ultra boring. 🙂

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