Sick. Again.

sick.gifArrgh I hate the summer. It makes you sweat and smell like a boar, burns and dries your skin, and activates all kinds of viruses, germs, bugs and bacteria.

Sick, sick, sick. This is terrible. I'm at work (coz I have to finish something) and I'm in hell. My body aches, I have this soon-to-start-sore-throat, and my head is throbbing.

I have been in the middle of a storm and have been drenched a number of times but I did not end up sick.

But with the summer, all I did was sit and avoid the sun and watch tv and I this is what I got.

I don't think I will have the flu, I just got my flu shot last January. How long does a flu shot last anyway? Paging Doc Emer

OS (you have to figure that one out) daw ako sabi ni Bridget. It's his fault too if that's the case. O baka naman pinaparusahan kami ng Diyos? LOL.

Anyway, I've been blog hopping and I have read a couple of entries from my blog friends. But my mind is just wandering off and I can't come up with a decent comment. Forgive me. I'll try my best next time when I'm feeling much better.

I may be absent from work tomorrow. Jeesh.

Don't you hate it when you have to file for sick leave and you are actually sick?


9 thoughts on “Sick. Again.

  1. Bridget did mention some vigorous activity you two engaged in over the weekend. I texted back saying i don’t even want to imagine what it was about. Bridget replied by saying that it was beyond imagination.

    Well, I suppose this is the outcome. Go easy next time. I guess you stayed too long in the tub.

  2. Baka naman out of shape ka kaya ka nagkasakit? Hehehe. Hindi maka-cope with strenuous activity ang katawan!

    Yeah being on SL when you actually are sick sucks! Pagaling ka! Bridget will nurse you back to health!

  3. wawa naman jher…dont page doc emer, page bridget! im sure kapag sya ang kasama mo mabilis pa sa alas kuatro ang pag galing mo!
    i hope you’ll feel better soon..bummer talaga when you are sick on a SL! 😀

  4. Don’t you hate it when you have to file for sick leave and you are actually sick? takes teh fun out of sick leave. 😛

  5. toni – yeah you said it. although, a circle is a shape di ba? papunta ako sa shape na yon so im not actually out of shape. lol.

    anna – hahahahah syempre i already did that.

    ade – oh well.

    obviously i did not go on sl. but im actually feeling worse now than yesterday. i really need to rest.

  6. hi jher! i hope you’re feeling better today. being really sick while on sick leave is no fun… sayang ang leave. hehe! hope you have a good weekend.

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