Lunatic on the loose!!!

da vinci code.jpgAnti-pornography group asks GMA to ban ‘The Da Vinci Code’
By Sandy Araneta
The Philippine Star 04/19/2006

Comparing the author of the best-selling "The Da Vinci Code" to Adolf Hitler, an anti-pornography group yesterday asked President Arroyo to ban the showing of the film version of Dan Brown’s controversial novel.

Declaring that allowing "the most pornographic and blasphemous film in history" to be shown would "break" the Christian faith around the world, the Philippine Alliance Against Pornography Inc. (PAAP) said the President should order the National Bureau of Investigation, Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Customs to confiscate and destroy master copies of the film, which stars Tom Hanks.

In a statement, PAAP spokesman Aldo Filomeno said copies of Brown’s books available in bookstores and related establishments should also be destroyed.

Finally, the group wants Brown to be declared persona non grata in the country.

The PAAP also appealed to Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and other religious groups to help in stopping the showing of the controversial film.

The "Da Vinci Code," a work of fiction, claims that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and even had children with her, including the Merovingian kings of France, Filomeno noted.
The novel claims that the fabled Holy Grail was actually Magdalene, not the chalice used in the Last Supper, and that Magdalene’s womb served as the "chalice" from which the royal blood of Jesus flowed forth in posterity.

Because of these claims, Filomeno said the book’s film version is considered unconstitutional, illegal and immoral.

Filomeno said showing "Da Vinci Code," which is scheduled for worldwide release during the first week of May, would be in gross violation of Presidential Decree 1986 and Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code.

He noted the law prohibits any film that offends religious beliefs, defames a person whether dead or alive, and violates Filipino contemporary values, customs, laws and edicts.

"The clerics should remember their responsibility to protect the flock. As shepherds they are mandated by God that no sheep will bite this poisonous film, go astray and die," Filomeno stressed.

Blah blah blah. Yada Yada Yada.


I can't even finish reading the article. Ugh. Who's this Filomeno character anyway? Was he ever related to Manoling Morato or Etta Mendez? Were they poker buddies? 😛

What's the big fuss about a work of fiction? Is Mr. Filomeno so concerned about the weakness of the people's faith in the Church and its symbols that he's afraid that a mere book and movie will shatter centuries of tradition and will cause an established institution to come crashing down just like that?

What you are doing Mr. Filomeno, is fanning the flames of curiosity towards the book and the movie. You are not helping your cause.

Are you the paragon of morality and piousness to tell the people what to watch and read, to instruct the government what to ban and what to allow to be shown, and to tell the church how to do their job?

Oi vey, the heat is just doing a fine job of frying the brains of people.


8 thoughts on “Lunatic on the loose!!!

  1. ay naku. dnt wna get pissed by a bunch of narrow-minded people. para naman tayong walang mga utak nyan. anyways just wanna say thanks for dropping by my page.

  2. Pwede ba?! Ilang beses ba dapat sabihin ni Dan Brown na FICTION, FICTION, FICTION nga lang ang libro niya! The problem with these people is that konting utot lang ni Dan Brown, na-shaken na agad ang what little faith they have.

    Gawin bang Bible ang The Da Vinci Code?! Idiots. *fans self frantically*

  3. FICTION po ito!!! Hay naku. These people don’t know how to pick their battles. Can’t they just do something else, like look at the katarantaduhan of some local Pinoy films and just help build the quality of our local cinema? Anuvah.

  4. To start with, I would like to say that ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is nothing but a fiction novel, in our own langauge, kathang-isip, nothing more but creations of an imaginative mind.

    I agree with one of the comments here. Isn’t it true that once you hide something, a secret perhaps, from a person, the more he/she would want to know that secret? The same goes for wanting to ban or simply just putting the movie under an adult rating. Now, more people are curious about it, thus, more would buy copies, pirated ones most probably, bringing forth more problems to the VRB. It’s simple psychology, I agree, and don’t tell me that I’m too young to know about how the mind runs, it’s common sense.

    The Da Vinci Code is nothing but a book transformed into a movie, just like several movies we know like Harry Potter. Here are some questions to ask ourselves: Are children today waving wands at each other or asking their parents to let them wear robes to school or are they flying on brooms or speaking magical spells? The answer is NO.

    Yes, movies are very influential, and the MTRCB really has the right and had done the right thing, putting it on adult rating. I’m 16 and I’ve been anticipating this movie since the day I found out that it would be shown on big screens. Yes, I’m disappointed because it was given an adult rating, though it deserves it due to violence and images of self-flagellation, but I have realized that a lot of narrow-minded people, some even are at the age of 40s, who are thinking that they or we may be influenced by The Da Vinci Code. We are the ones who made the controversy. The truth is, there really wasn’t a controversy until we made it one. What freaks me out the most is that some people are still mad at MTRCB for not banning it. Oh my… It’s as if these groups of people are saying that we, Filipinos, are foolish enough to believe in fiction. By doing this, we are simply calling ourselves illiterate citizens.

    Dan Brown is a writer, his mind runs and should run with imagination so that his books would be read by people. And by thinking that the book, or the movie, is an insult, then we are actually believing in what he has written as true. Yes, so powerful books are.

    Believe me, the Philippines has a strong Catholic foundation, and this wouldn’t easily be shattered by a story made out of the creations of the mind and a little research.

    Here are some more questions: Yes, the book contains blasphemies and lies, but why are affected? Why are we defensive about its contents? The book contains certain facts that were intertwined to create an imaginary tale. Thus, it simply is just fiction.

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