Hello blog friends, I've been gone for quite a while because I've been really sick. I still managed to go to work last Wednesday but I was really in a mess, I was shivering and my body ached. I dunno what happened. All I know is that my throat was really painful. It was like I swallowed a whole langka or something. But anyway…

I'm blogging now from an aircon-deprived internet cafe in Pacita. I am with Bridget but he's at the other end of the room. The computer's keyboard is irritating to use, it's like I'm using an old olivetti typewriter. And these damn kids around me are so noisy with their World of Warcraft game. I hate it when kids waste their parents' money this way. Makes me wanna slap them one by one.

Oh well obviously I'm okay now.

Just got a very sad start of the week for my other family. Bridget's dog, Julia, got nabbed by hooligans this morning. Julia is half askal, half japanese spitz (i think) and she has a very sweet and friendly disposition. I felt sad that we had to lose her this way. I will miss her.

I'm excited with my trip with Bridget next weekend. We're going to Baguio! Sana di ako mahirapan kumuha ng bus tickets!

And oh, if you are planning to watch the movie "Pamahiin", please don't! It's a complete waste of time and money. It's actually a comedy flick coz we laughed all throughout the movie. It's a pathetic horror movie. We should've watched "D' Lucky Ones" instead!

That's it for now. Ang init sa internet cafe na to ha.


12 thoughts on “Random

  1. anna – wala eh, we didn’t even know who took her. basta sabi ng kapitbahay baka daw nakuha ng mga lalaki na nakasakay sa tricycle. hay. poor dog. she’s probably in doggie heaven now. 😦

  2. Good to know you’re well.

    Stephen and I saw d’LUCKY ONES last night and got a headache after an hour or so of hysterics and interminable screaming. It’s all in there – drama, comedy, name it, they have it. Star Cinema does know how to make films that will, uh, bomb at the tills. Literally.

    BTW, to cater to ALL tastes, they made JR Valentin wear trunks. Poor thing.

  3. ade – thank you!

    dylan – kainggit! sabi na dapat d’ lucky ones ang pinanood namin eh. di bale, sa sweldo na lang. uy nice pics sa blog mo ha. religious ka na pala. 😛

  4. toni – naku kahapon po ito nangyari. sarap pagpapatayin ang mga kumag. lol.

    sad pa rin kami about the loss of julia. take care friend!

  5. Religious?! Hardly any religious photos sa blog ko, ah. I havent uploaded the Salubong 2006 photos yet. Puro lang yun photos ko sa Baywalk lately. My Mom is one of the models there somewhere, he he!

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