Weekend in the City of Pines

As I am writing this, Bridget is on his way to Baguio for a 2-day training session. I will follow him on Friday and we shall be spending the weekend together there. Tsalap!baguio

Some people have said that Baguio has lost its former glory and beauty as the summer capital due to commercialism and whatnot (with people preferring to go to the 'in' places such as Bora and Galera).

For oldies like us, we have Baguio memories hidden somewhere we can always share with our friends and families, if only to bring us back to the wonderful, romantic days we spent in the City of Pines. I believe that this time my Baguio memories will definitely be special because I will be spending time with the one I love (kilig). πŸ˜›

Anyway, since I have not been to Baguio for over 4 years now, can somebody tell me what's the latest gimik there? Where to eat, where to go, where and what to buy? I already know the standard attractions (parks, market, ukay ukay), so if you have a new discovery, please share them with me okay?

I'm so excited! πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Weekend in the City of Pines

  1. stay inside your room cuddling up. when you do come up for air, remember there’s cafe by the ruins and that restaurant operated by Patis Tesoro’s son somewhere near the Lourdes Grotto (I forgot the name). FORGET GOING TO SM PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!

  2. hi jher! ingit ako! the last time i went to baguio was in 2002 with friends. i would love to go there with my hubby, too. kaya lang it’s too far from bacolod, we would be spending a lot (esp for plane fare) before we can get there. anyway, enjoy your trip! take – and post- a lot of pictures, ha! πŸ™‚

  3. Uy, kakainggit. We’d be in Baguio in May pa. How I wish we have longer time to spare so we can go to Sagada. Wish ko laaaannngg!

    I would go to SM but just to take photos of its unusual roof against the Baguio sky. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to go.

    Ukay ukay? I rarely find anything I want. Maybe I don’t know what I really want. *hithit ng hangin*

    Jher, do give us tips ha on where to go? I’ve never been around Baguio without Mom tagging along so medyo mahirap magikot ikot. Alam mo na…

    BTW, i am moving my travel blog to WordPress para I can blog at work, hehe! (during downtime naman po, eh). I was wondering kung ang uploading ba ng photos sa WP ay gaya din ba ng Blogger na may 3 sizes / format to choose from? Thanks in advance. Wala kasi ako number mo, eh.

  4. i was in baguio last feb to see Penagbenga. Wonderful ! really worth seeing for. but i didnt find any authentic place to go to. all the same food chains like in any city. too commercialized already. my first visit to your site, nice blog.

  5. ade – ows? when was the last time you were there?

    tin – ako naman gusto makapunta ng bacolod. once lang ako nakapunta dyan, work pa. hay.

    dylan – juice ko ako nga humihingi ng tips dito noh. anyway, yup you can actually resize your photos anyway you want, di sya limited sa 3 sizes. best thing about wordpress is you can categorize. good luck on the transfer!

    curacha – thanks for the info. nakabili na nga ako tiket eh. hehehehe. thanks for visiting my blog! πŸ™‚

  6. I checked WP na today. Kakainis. Uploading photos isn’t like Blogger na pwede straight from your files. WP requires pa a URL, which means dapat naka-upload ang photos sa isang host like Photobucket, Flickr, etc. Grrrrr. Kainez.

  7. dylan – GO.

    Tin – oo ba. sana may chance nga kami makapunta dyan. Most likely si bridget mas may chance makapunta ulit ng bacolod. πŸ™‚

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