Back to the heat

Hello blogfriends! Yes I have returned from the City of Pines as I have spent a weekend of pure bliss with Bridget. Hehehehe.

Wow it is so hot here I wish I was living in Baguio.

Anyway, to start off the week, Bridget and I would like to announce that… no we are not getting married. Next year pa yon. LOL.

We shall be starting a new blog together. It's bound to happen di ba? Well, it is still under construction and conceptualization. Once we finalized the concept and the contents we shall be posting the links. Okay? Good. 

First posts for that blog will chronicle our Baguio trip. Hopefully the blog will be up by this week para di pa panis ang entry namin about Baguio. So watch out for that. 🙂

In the meantime, I posted a couple of pics as you can see in my updated Flickr sidebar. The remaining photos are reserved for the new blog.

So how was your Labor Day weekend?


4 thoughts on “Back to the heat

  1. aba at joint blog na sila…meron bang pre-blogging agreement yan? ;D hay naka ilang balik na ako dito, excited na rin akong makibalita tungkol sa baguio (s)excapade ninyo (ehehee..) sya, di bale wait na lang muna ako…in the meantime, have a good week! 😀

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