I hate it. First post for our new blog and  the darn thing can't be accesed. I had the grandest time customizing the template and putting pictures and changing colors yesterday and this morning, and I can't even see what I did. I even announced that it's up and running. But nada. Zero. Zilch. Laos. Luz valdez

The whole I.ph domain seems to be down. Or their system is seemed to be currently run by someone using a bicycle pedal and he is running out of steam.

I hate it when you get free service and you get crap like this. I know I shouldn't be complaining because it is free anyway but I would rather pay and get good service than use a free thing and get bitchslapped in the process. Pardon the language. I'm just angry.

If this goes on like this I will have to transfer our blog to wordpress or somewhere else. Sorry blog friends, I know you have been waiting for this (kapal). Please bear with us and our crappy free blog service (not wordpress.com).

On another note, I am happy Bong did the blonde joke thing. It brought a deluge of clicks to my blog. Love it when you have a popular blogger friend who links you. Hehehehehe.


5 thoughts on “Darn

  1. Hi jher, why don’t you just get your own domain and have your blog hosted like I and some bloggers did? It’s not that expensive. You only have to pay one time for a year’s hosting fee, including your domain name registration… all under 2,000 php.

    BTW, you know Bong Austero?

  2. snglguy – thanks for the visit. i will probably do that next year when i am out of the muck of debts i am in. LOL.

    yup i know bong austero. as in barkada. i was one of the first people who emailed the open letter to everyone i know. now his blog is bigger than mine. hahahah.

  3. I didn’t have problems with your I.ph blog naman ah o___0

    If I were you, though, I’d rather stick to wordpress or blogspot or, heck, even livejournal– I’m stuck! Pft.– hosting. I’ve a feeling I.ph’d tank eventually. Sayang lang entries niyo if that happens.

    God I wish I didn’t end up posting this thing twice. Did I, huh, did I?

    Anyhoo, just tell me when He Said… He said…’s ready for pimping na. I’ll send my deluge of 2 odd readers to come take a visit. 🙂

  4. Dino – it’s up na as of yesterday. Only one post so far. Thanks for the concern. 🙂

    Tin – thanks dear! 😀

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