Mah Boring Ref

Boring refThis post is long overdue, but I promised Toni I will do it as part of her Ref Door Project, so here it is.

Nothing special here. We used to have nice ref magnets but nephews and nieces played with them, hid them somewhere or swallowed the stuff, I dunno.

The remaining ref magnets:

a koala (the red one), a pear with a face (the yellow one), a pink puzzle thingie with a smiley face, a rattan fan, and an angel (with the water bill stuck under it).

Someday my ref will be pretty again. Nevermind the inside, puro tubig lang ang laman. LOL


3 thoughts on “Mah Boring Ref

  1. when you grow old and your nieces and nephews get their own refs, i suggest you steal their magnets too. and send them nice drawings to post on their refs.

  2. i collect ref magnets from different countries. i already have lots of them covering my fridge’s doors. when people from other places ask me what pasalubong i want, i always ask for fridge magnets.

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