Bridget spent the whole weekend at my place because the mudra is in the province. I'm just not exactly sure if the mudra knows that Bridget and I are not just friends since I recently came out to her (and a couple of other people because of some unfortunate event). But anyway if she asks me I will gladly answer her. With caution.

Anyway, Bridget did a blow-by-blow account of his stay. Just love his photographic (and oftentimes pornographic, lol) memory. Overall it was really… something. I love it. It's just a slice of what we will be like if we actually lived together.  Personally, ang hirap palang maging housewife. Now I appreciate the mudra even more. And the cooking!  Thank God for Bridget's cooking prowess or we would have ended with de-lata for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm looking forward to another weekend of "just us" before the mudra goes home. 🙂


The Batasan 5 left their dorm (aka congress) after 70 days. So what?


Even Mt. Everest is not spared from the network war. I personally don't care if some Filipino reaches that summit because frankly I do not see if it would, in anyway, alleviate poverty in the Philippines. I'd rather see GMA and ABS battle over who's network can first make the distinction of reducing the incidence of childhood malnutrition, or HIV, or TB.


Wala pa bang nilalabas na requirements ang Philippine Idol? I wanna know if I'm eligible to join. Serious.


I'm excited about the release of the Da Vinci Code. Mr. Aldo Filomeno of Philippine Alliance Against Pornography is at it again. Crazy dumbass.


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