Missing The Mudra and Bridget… coz I’m hungry.

hungry.jpgAnd I'm gonna die alone and starving.

The mudra has been in the province for less than two weeks now. Since we belong to the lower middle class, we can't afford househelp, thus mudra does everything in the house. She's the typical housewife, sans husband because the pudra is in heaven now. But just the same she does the typical chore a housewife does: cook, clean house, watch tv, chismis with kapitbahay, do the laundry. I'm a happy son. I provide the funds, she provides the food, I mean she cooks the food I eat. And I eat happily.

Now it's less than two weeks, and I'm getting hungrier by the day. Not that I do not eat. I just don't eat properly now. Last nite I just had spanish sardines over steamed rice. At least I know how to cook rice. Tonight I might be having skinless longganiza.

Not that I don't know anything to cook. I can do sinigang, I can fry fish, pork and chicken and any other processed meat product out there. Oh I recently cooked beef with brocolli. But that's about it. I know I can actually cook if only I will put my mind to it. Which does not happen very often.

So I miss mom because of her cooking. I miss bridget because of his lovin AND cooking. (Don't get me wrong bridget, I love you tons, but you know your cooking prowess is up there with the other thing that I love about you. That's why I won't let you go even if you even attempt to break up with me. Heheheheheh.)

I hope I'm not dead due to starvation when the mudra finally decides to come back. 😛


4 thoughts on “Missing The Mudra and Bridget… coz I’m hungry.

  1. hahaha..yan ang power ng mothers sa atin..they spoil us, and now we just cant live without them! so, where is bridget? continue the dry run, para everyday (and night) masaya! 😀

  2. well bridget is in a training session again. saka syempre he has to go home rin naman unless i want the mudra-in-law to be mad at me no. yoko naman ng ganun. hehehehehe

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