Pinoy Big Brother Sarap pag kukuruTeen Edition

What do you expect when you cram a bunch of teenage kids in one house knowing all too well that at their age their hormones are crazy and all over the place?

Chaos, lotsa crying, pagpapacute and rule violations and I bet a lot of hard-ons underneath all those thick comforters.

Really, I was expecting a more diverse bunch of kids for the PBB Teen Edition. Just like the regular edition, they have the jologs, the malandi, the hunky, the pacute, the cute, the makulit. Stuff like that.

But no, all they had inside the house was either… horny (for the guys), or maarte (for the girls). And artistahin. No fuglies.

PBB is just a modified talent search and nothing more.

I do not mind the eye candy provided by the boys (hah!) but when I look back and realize that they’re younger than my youngest brother, ugh. Pedophilia na pala ito. Scrap the thought.

Besides, I think raging hormones do not necessarily mean great in bed.

OMG I’ll better stop before PAAP goes after me.

Anyway, good thing it’s just for the summer. I dread the day they would find the way to hide behind the cameras and do the nasties.

Doinee has a funny take on this. Di ka na ba maka relate dude?


9 thoughts on “Pinoy Big Brother Sarap pag kukuruTeen Edition

  1. exccccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me?

    did i hear you right…?

    they have different personalities..

    onl;y joqyui is horny and nina is the only maarte..

    it is my favorite show…

    at least hindi kasing jologs ng ibang koreanovela dyan… ang bagal ng story, sooper dee dooper stereotyped pa yung mga characters…

  2. monmon – is your keyboard broken? and yes you heard me right. and no i still find all of them maarte and malibog. last night’s episode, the guys were even discussing masturbation and fred had a hard on. ano ba?

    if that’s your favorite show then congratulations. but that’s my opinion.

  3. tin – unfortunately i do because of the guys. LOL. but, that’s about it. eye candy and nothing more. tamed pa nga ang version natin. sa ibang bansa talagang may nag se sex na pinapakita. ganyan talaga, cash cow ng abs eh. 😛

  4. talaga, jher?? oo nga, cash cow to nang abs. those people are geniuses in tickling the fancy of the filipino masses. sayang lang kasi andaming kids na nanonood ng shows nila na wala namang kwenta. anyway, that’s life. we parents just have to screen what our children are watching.

  5. Wala talagang appeal sa aking ang PBB!!! Ano ba ito!!! Oo at sana nga masdiverse ang mga bagets but no.

    Hintayin ko na nga lang ang Philippine Idol. Sana may promis ito.

    Walang konek ang pinagsasabi ko ‘no? Hahaha!

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