Dinner, Coffee, Rain

bali cafe2.jpg

My apologies, blog friends. Bridget and I have not updated our joint blog since last week. He was really really really busy and since that blog will lose its purpose if I will post an entry by myself, no new entries from the two Jeromes. Sorry talaga.

Anyway, we went out last night because we have not seen each other for days, and he is off to another training session today up to tomorrow. We had dinner at Dulcinea in Megamall. Good enough food, expensive and lousy service. Karinderia owners and waitresses have better manners and serving skills than these people. But we didn’t bother complaining because it will just ruin our evening.

I’ve never been to Megamall in years so I was happy to find this (I really have no idea how old this place is) place called Bali Café. As the name suggests, it’s an Indonesian inspired establishment, although the food is not totally Indonesian. Since we’re already done with dinner, Bridget just had a Pineapple Green Mango Shake and for me, a Choc Nut blended coffee concoction. Both drinks are really wonderful and refreshing. Imagine cold, liquid chocnut drink. Sarap.

A good way to end the day, methinks.bridget bali cafe.jpg

Unfortunately it was raining hard so it was extra difficult for us when we had to part ways. Bridget had to go to the training venue that same evening while I had to brave the rains and go to the boondocks of Cavite. But what the heck, I got to spend the evening with my love and that’s all that matters. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dinner, Coffee, Rain

  1. Dulcinea is onbe of my Gf’s fave places. How were they rude to you? Thankfully we haven’t experienced rudeness from them. But we usually eat at the Greenhills branch. 🙂

  2. hello, i had a bad experience there last week (dulcinea) and i thought it was just me. I really wanted to complain but i was on my way home from work and very tired, so i felt i did not have energy to make a scene but the women behind the counter at the pastry counter showed irritation and rolled their eyes at me. jus cos i wanted them to add a ribbon to the box i was taking hme as a a gift.

  3. hi jane,

    so they really have a problem with their staff. hmmm. if i was in your situation i will really make a scene, kahit pagod ako. thanks for the visit! 🙂

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