Darn age limit

I hate you Philippine Idol. Oh well not really hate, basta you know what I mean. You and your age limit. Tama ba namang up to 28 lang ang pwede? I just turned 29 for crying out loud (chos)!

O sya sya I admit I’m turning 32 this July.

But anyway, I know they are following a rulebook on how to run the show, but maybe lang naman, just maybe, I wish they would adjust the age limit. Why?

a) We look younger naman than our Caucasian counterparts, so even if we go even up to 35 our contestants naman would probably look young and fresh. Look at Taylor Hicks! He’s goddamn 29 and he looks like my lolo! Look at Regine, she’s 80 years old and she still looks fresh. Etchos.

b) Guys and gals around my age didn’t actually have the chance to join any other contests during our 20s. Bagong kampeon? Tanghalan ng Kampeon? I think I was too young and too ugly then. Ano na sumunod dun? Wala na davah? I think I’m already over age when of Star for A Night and Star In A Million started their run.

c) So that I can join. LOL. Syempre no! Sayang naman they will not get to hear my talent. Though Bridget is the better singer.

For the experience lang naman of joining the auditions adjust nyo na ang age limit puhlease!!!

Jove Francisco I know you are reading this (kapal ko). Please use your charm. Promise when I get in I will dedicate my first song to you. Heheheh.

Juice ko ang pathetic ko. 😛


7 thoughts on “Darn age limit

  1. tama ang point mo about OUR GENERATION not having the right contest para salihan. parang nalagay tayo sa gitna ng BAGONG KAMPEON at STAR IN A MILLION.

    i forwarded this link sa mga “bossing”.
    (sana ma consider kahit for season 2, even AI changed its age requirement after two seasons ata eh)

    and oo nga, mas bata tayo tignan kahit 29 lang din ako. (hehehehe)

  2. i agree, we filipinos look younger than our age.
    hay naku, wag kana malungkot! if I know ~ the reason why they turned you down was not because of your age but because over qualified ka kasi 🙂

  3. Anna – a podcast will not give justice to my voice. buy my first album na lang pag out na. hahahahahah

    Jove – ahahay talaga ngang nagbabasa ka ng blog ko. lol. promise pag nakapasok ako batiin kita. hahahahah. thanks dude!

    Jane – awwwwwww. but ur right. lol 😛

  4. i didn’t know that idol has an age limit! well, now i know. sayang naman, there are so many talented pinoys who may be a tad bit over 30 but are definitely star material… like you perhaps, jher? hehe 🙂

  5. fatayin ang mga salarin kung bakit hindi ka makapasok sa Phil idol
    ayaw ko ng ganyan tsk tsk tsk tsk!!!
    podcast daw fafa jher daleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    naalala ko Singapore Idol
    mag-uumpisa na rin pala next week

    mukhang nakaka aliw din ang audition
    diyan kaya
    me mga praning ding
    makakapasok sa audition?
    syempre dagdag viewers din yun like
    American Idol ano!

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