Hey guys I'm back! Did you miss moi? I'm sure you did.

Anway, just got back from a fun weekend with the bridget, the highlight of which was his staying over after we "careered" our way into the cinema of Filinvest Fiestamall to watch the over-hyped Da Vinci Code at the cinemas' first opening hours. We initially tried watching it at Greenbelt and Glorietta 4 the night before but the seats were all taken. Thanks to the stupid councilors of Manila, the dumb a** people from PAAP, and the dimwitted comments from top Malacanang officials, people are flocking in droves to watch the movie.

It's sad though. The movie didn't live up to the expectations. Catholic bishops and Mr. Filomeno, go find another movie to waste your energy on, this is not it. A complete letdown, so the issue about it changing or affecting anyone's faith will not even matter.

I've read the book and so imagine my disappointment when the movie did not even approximate the excitement I have felt while reading the novel.

Mr. Tom Hanks, that was not acting. What you did was do some facial movement, utter some words, run here, attempted to look like you were thinking and that was it. Thank heavens for Sir Ian McKellen and we had some sensible actor to look at.

Mr. Dan Brown, I know you are laughing your way to the bank right now, I hope you choke on a shrimp cocktail or something.

Mr. Ron Howard, I wanna whip you and wrap your neck with a silice and see you bleed to death. Grrrr.


3 thoughts on “Disappointing

  1. Hi, how are you? I haven’t done bloghopping for quite a while… it’s nice to read your blog again. 🙂

    Same here, the movie was a disaster. I was expecting something more.

    And now Dan Brown’s really rich!

  2. hi! we have almost the same review re davinci code. truly dissappointed with this movie. mas ok pa siguro kung ung angels and demons ang ginawang movie! ayun, gyera talaga yun sa vatican heheheh…

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